How to Set Up a Social Media Strategy and Expand Word of Mouth for Your SMB

Oct 30th, 2019

People often say that social media is the new word of mouth marketing (WOMM), but we tend to disagree. WOMM extends beyond the digital realm and into local communities, where friends, family, customers and partners drive business recommendations.These conversations, of course, extend to social media.

In a recent Pew Research study, . The same study reported that only 15% of people got their news from social media.

While social media may not be the preferred source for sharing news, it’s an integral part of a strong SMB marketing strategy. Small Business Trends recently surveyed 529 U.S. small business owners, and .

It’s clear that WOMM and social media both offer value, but how can local business owners combine their strategies to use both most effectively? Read on to learn how to maximize your social media and WOMM efforts.

Why Do Business Owners Need

Social Media Marketing?

Why Do Business Owners Need Social Media Marketing?

You might already be great at traditional WOMM and engaging with local customers, but social media can help you reach more potential customers. WOMM can only do so much for your business if all your efforts are offline. By taking things online and using social media as a vehicle for your WOMM, you’ll be able to cast a wider net.

Social media is an essential channel for small business marketing. Done right, social media amplifies the benefits of WOMM like increased awareness and sales, and building solid, conversational relationships with your customers. And of course, great customer service is always worth talking about.

How Do Word of Mouth and Social Media Work Together?

If traditional WOMM is the voice of your customers, think of social media as the microphone you can use to project that voice. Social media enables you to be a more active participant in discussions about your business.

Consumers sharing their opinions about businesses and the products and services they offer is nothing new. However, social media has helped to broaden these discussions. Reviews and recommendations are no longer just a one-on-one conversation with a friend or family member; instead, consumers are able to share their opinion on a business’s social media page and engage in a conversation with hundreds of people.

Not only that, but these online conversations are also happening quickly, in real-time, and anyone who has a social profile can easily recommend a business to a hundred of their closest friends and family members. In this way, social media is a game-changer for WOMM — and for small businesses focused on this strategy. Whether you want to boost brand exposure or your bottom line, combining WOMM with social media can help you amplify your message and put your goals within reach.

Best Social Media Strategy for SMB

How to Set Up a Social Media Strategy to Leverage WOMM for My 520彩票网?

Wondering what the best social media strategy is for your SMB? Here is a roadmap to get you started with using social media to boost your WOMM efforts and .

(1). Decide Which Platforms are Most Important — and Start Small

While it may be tempting to create an account on every social media site you can find — maximum exposure, right? — doing so is rarely effective. Not only is this a recipe for burnout, but it’s also unlikely to help you accomplish your goals. Sure, you may be everywhere on social, but you won’t be able to keep up with every profile — especially because you’ve got a business to run, too. Instead, start slow. Consider which social media sites will be most valuable for your business, and create basic profiles there. To determine which social platforms make sense for your business, search for relevant hashtags and keywords on each. Also, take a look at how related businesses approach social — you might learn something from their example! Start off slowly, and focus on building two engaging social media profiles so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Hear What Alignable Members Have to Say:

Facebook or LinkedIn, and why?

What social media works best for promoting your business? Facebook or Instagram?

Have Any Of You Gotten Clients From LinkedIn?

Spread the Word to Friends and Family with WOMM

(2). Think About How You’ll Get Your Customers Engaged

How are you going to let your customers know your business is on social media? Traditional WOMM will definitely come into play here. Mention that you’re offering special promotions on Facebook while customers are shopping in your store. Add your social profile information to your business cards, and drop them into customers’ shopping bags. Use your personal social media accounts to share your Alignable business page with friends and family. Spreading the word in your inner circle will help your profiles gain some momentum.

(3). Approach Social Media With a Plan

Proper planning can be the difference between success and failure for businesses on social media. Before you start posting, map out your strategy so you can be intentional about what you share. Choose 3-5 topics you’ll post on consistently so your followers and connections know what to expect from you and your business. Then.think about the best format for these posts. (hint: ) Look at your upcoming sales, events, or specials and think about how to leverage social media for promotion. Plan for success. Keeping a simple content calendar can help you stay on a schedule and align all your marketing efforts.

(4). Think About Social Media as a Customer Service Channel

Your customers want great service. And if they have questions about products or services or general business questions, they expect answers fast. Social media can serve as a valuable extension of your customer service. And if customers receive great service from you, they’re more likely to recommend you to others. In fact, .

Social Media and Engaging Customers

(5). Review Your Work — Know What’s Working and What Isn’t

Major social platforms offer analytics to users at no cost. For instance, Facebook Insights allows you to track how every post on your page is performing with your followers. You can see how many people have reacted with a particular post and how many people you’ve reached. This information will be valuable as you’re thinking about what to post in the future. Look for patterns to determine which posts are really hitting the mark with your audience. Subsequent posts can be made better over time.

How Important is Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses?

When you’re wearing a hundred hats as a small business owner, it can be easy to push social media marketing to the back-burner. Remember your return - social media platforms can help you reach a wider audience and achieve your business goals faster. Here are some recent stats about social media and small business:

  • , and 72% saw a boost in sales. Source: Social Media Today
  • . Source: Social Media Examiner
  • . Source: Global Web Index
  • . Source: Facebook

(If you don’t have a Facebook page, it’s likely your competition does!)

Let Your Message Be Heard

Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing

Traditional WOMM can only do so much for your business. But can amplify your efforts to build brand awareness and connect with a wider audience.

If you have questions about how to get started with social, we’re happy to help. Get started with Alignable today.

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This will helps you understand marketing doesn't work you must get your target market attention then the marketing, social media, Word of Mouth, comes to you.

Blog 4 – If It’s Normal, Do The Exact Opposite

When I was 23 years old I went to my first business seminar and I heard a speech I’ll never forget.

Al Fahden, the author of Innovation on Demand kicked off the seminar and had everyone on the edge of their seat.

He was running around the crowd throwing around $2 bills and sharing outrageous stories from his book about how to be different.

It was the way he put his lessons to practice that really hit 520彩票网 with me.

He told the story of how he bought a retail store in Minneapolis and turned it into a bookstore. This wasn’t your typical bookstore. It only sold one book…his. He put his book all over the store and in different sections like business, history and self help. You name it. He even had a sign that said “Shoplifting is encouraged.”

The normal thing to do would have been to have a bookstore with numerous books. Al did the exact opposite.

And the media noticed. He received national attention and was even featured in People magazine. Yes, his book sold. Much better than it would have if he sold it the normal way.

Since that day, I’ve looked at our baseball teams with this different lens. If other teams did something, we would look to do the opposite. We focused on doing nothing that was normal.

That first year we hosted Flatulence Fun Nights, Grandma Beauty Pageants, fired our mascot for steroid use and even offered President George Bush an internship.

Other teams see it as normal to have their players just focus on playing baseball. We have our players dance, sing, do the limbo and anything else that will add to the show.

We look at everything we do and ask is there a better way and can it be different?

This often causes other people to be uncomfortable. People often hear others say “It’s always been done that way.” People hate change. They are scared of it. But it’s often the best way.

Normal will get normal results. Different allows you to stand out and get amazing results.

Stop playing it safe. Take risks. Be different.

What normal thing are you still doing that you can change today?

What is mentioned here, as well as what is NOT mentioned here,
is worth noting and adding ...

Too many (meaning 95% or more) Business Owners and also
Marketing Experts, focus and are concerned with Tactical Marketing ...
That's basically the "implementation" of strategies or methods ...

What they DON'T focus on, is the Strategy or Strategies themselves ...
THIS is where the big revenue and profit gains are created and
recognized ...

Yes, the mediums are important ... But, more important, is the actual
messaging and getting into the minds of your prospects ... For that is
what brings the revenue, NOT what medium you might use ...

Here's a second dose for you just in case you didn't get the first one.

Blog 163 – Just Be Different

You want to succeed? Just be different. Nobody remembers normal. Normal gets normal results. And normal doesn’t last.

So why do most people migrate to normalcy? It’s simple: normal is comfortable. Normal has more friends. Normal doesn’t take a lot of work. Everybody can be normal.

But different on the other hand is a whole other ballgame. Different takes risks. Different accepts failure and embraces it. Different sees the world not as it is but as it could be. Different creates change. And Different inspires.

Every person who has achieved something truly great has been different. Different works. And it wins in business and in life.

Anyone can be different. Different is a choice. It’s a willingness to step out of the comfort zone. It’s a willingness to try new things.

Do you want to be like everyone else or do you want to create your own path?

How do you start this path? The starting point for me has always been “If it’s normal, do the exact opposite”

Think about how most people start their day. Wake up. Pick up their phone. Check email. Check social media. Check out the weather. Watch the news. Go to work.

This morning routine and variations of this are the norm.

Sounds pretty uninspired.

Just be different. Start your morning inspired. Run. Read. Write. Walk. Whatever it is make your morning different than everyone else.

Build your different mindset. Walk down a new street. Drive to work a different way. Have a different breakfast. Spend time with different people.

Do something different every morning for a week. Prove to yourself that different is ok. This is how we start. Put on your different lense. And you will begin to see the world full of new opportunities. This is how you win in business and in life. Just Be Different.

we going to take it all the way 520彩票网 with this one.

Does The Media Care About You?

What’s the story of your business? Why did you start it? What makes you different? If these answers aren’t that compelling, the media won’t care about you.

But why is it so important for the media to care and want to do stories about you? It’s simple: if you aren’t interesting enough to the media, the chances are that your customers won’t be interested in you either.

The media does not want to cover a business that’s the same as everyone else. They want a story. Stories sell to the public. They sell to your customer as well.

When you are thinking about promoting your business or marketing a product, you need to ask, “Would the media care?” “ Is it unique, different or interesting in any way?” “What makes it special?”

The most successful companies have all figured this out. Toms Shoes wasn’t just a shoe company. It was a company that had a purpose to donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold. Once people heard about this story, the media came running and took care of all their marketing. They became a billion-dollar brand.

If you are “just” a law firm, a dentist, or a construction company, what makes you different? Would the media ever think to do a story on you?

If not, you are fighting an uphill battle competing with everyone else.

The best way to look at your business is as a reporter. What stories do you want to cover and why? Once you realize this, writing the story for your business becomes a lot easier. While it may be very sobering at first, understanding this media angle will be a game changer for your marketing and your business.

All too often, however, smaller businesses rely solely on WOMM and social channels because it’s free and “everybody’s doing it”, which then can saturate who you hope are potential customers’ social feeds with unsolicited and annoying commercials. When combined with brand-to-action messaging hyper-targeted to a more perfect base of potential customers that’s data-driven, the online + offline have more profit power for the business. It is foolish to ignore available expertise outside the comfort of the Facebook feed for a more strategic and results-driven marketing program.

Rethinking A Strategy for Social Media now.....

If I started right now I'd find 10 to 30 people peers friends customers who are already on social media and get them to believe in you and your plan

and share your plan with them via your social media and have them share it as they already believe in you

it should snow ball

video content, blog content and articles like jo's article right here

i believe alignable is already doing this right now

thx Jo!!!


This story and the replies was the best one I've read yet here on Alignable. Thank you all for your input!