Does anyone leave voice messages when calling potential clients?

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Yes. Most definitely. I created a message script so that I'm not fumbling with words when leaving a message. I try not to give to much info. 1 or 2 points that will peak their interest and then my contact info and that's it. About a 15-20 sec message is all that is needed.

Yes, it is often hard to reach the folks I need and want to speak with. However, after my message I always close with: "I hope to hear from you but I know you are very busy so I will try you again if I don't hear back". This does two things,1) gives me permission to call back again, and 2) they know I will keep trying so they are more likely to return or at least take my call. That one sentence in my message has been very effective for me and my team!

Absolutely. I leave messages and follow-up with an email letting them know I left the message. I have some clients who always respond by email. Never by phone. Others who won't email and will call back. Doing both helps you figure out which works best for each client.

I try not to make a habit of leaving voice messages when it comes to cold calls. However, I would leave one based on an inquiry, referral or a client-initiated contact. I deal with all kinds of sneaky sales people who make it sound like I've initiated the relationship, and I don't want to be categorized as one of them. If I fail to make phone contact after a period of time, I will ensure that I make face to face contact going forward. Hope this helps.

Some people just don't pick up their phone because they're either always screening or always too busy. So you may never reach them if you don't leave a message. But you should probably expect there's a good chance that you won't hear from them right away and call back to try to get them on the phone when it seems like the right amount of time has passed.

Absolutely but be prepared and proactive and teach yourself how to leave a message with a purpose. I would actually teach my sales teams those words, "The purpose of my call..." Then understand the circle of leverage, and if you can leave a voicemail with leverage you are more likely to receive a contact back because of credibility.

What is leverage. If you are calling McDonald to sell your services understand who their competitors are and especially if you are providing services to one of their competitors. "Jim, my name is Mark Villareal, the purpose of my call is we have been working with Jack N The Box Corporation on some dynamic training that they are having great results with that I thought might interest you as well. Please give me a call at ....."

Absolutely. I see answers on here referencing how “they don’t call you back ...”. Well, “they” have no obligation to call you back. In fact, “they” don’t even have an obligation to take your call. I, however have an obligation to respect any potential client by introducing myself and providing an opportunity to begin a relationship.

I do sometimes and I don't sometimes. I will call a couple of times - at different times of the day or evening, and if there is no response I will call back and then leave a msg.

In today's environment it is truly "hit and miss" with cell phones. In past days when most people had landlines you could reach more people directly, quicker, and easier. Leaving a short message and then if I don't get a call back I may try again in a couple of weeks. Persistency and consistency are the keys.

I will for the 1st few times. I might change times to see whats best to reach them. I might call thee 3rd time and not leave a message. I will also text them- that usually gets their attention.

Sure! Nothing wrong with having someone "hear" you. And you can follow up with email as well -- perhaps they prefer that. You will have to make the initial "call," so to speak, to ascertain if this person is open to your approaching them and your value proposition in the first place. Time is everything to those you contact -- so make your point pleasantly -- AND QUICKLY!