What do you feel has been your biggest challenge(s) in both hiring and retaining employees?

What do you feel has been your biggest challenge in both hiring and retaining employees?
-Attracting them?
-Retaining them?

Do you think the challenges you face are due to issues relating to:

-Resources? (Not looking in the right places, not knowing where to look)
-Not a lot of candidates with the skillsets you are needing/seeking?
-Training? (Not enough time to train or cant afford to train new or existing employees )
-Budget? (Need to hire but just don't have the budget to do so, or need high level candidate but can't offer competitive salary)
-Competition with large companies regarding branding, reputation, and salaries they offer in comparison to yours?
-Employee conflict/toxic environment?

These are just a few, but feel free to answer and add any additional thoughts.
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Retaining employees has never been a problem for me. Quite simply, I treat my employees with respect. If an issue arises, I make sure to keep their dignity intact. Today, that is rare, but so VERY important. I have found that most managers/owners "bully" to get results. They do get results, employees will steal from them, lie to them, put forth less effort whenever they can and eventually quit. A toxic work environment (ie': bullying your employees) is not going to serve antone well. The biggest problem in finding a good employee, in my eyes, is finding people that want to work, not just "show up" and collect a paycheck. Personally, I have had the very best employees anyone could want. I believe that is because I am very careful who I hire and then treat them well.

This is construction. Guys will walk out the door for .50 and hour. Benefits mean nothing to younger folks as opposed to the actual check. I also buy my guys lunch every day and that eats up that .50 an hour doesn't cover their lunch so they have actually left with a slight deficit. Go figure.

Some challenges faced can be due to minimal work experience and or low pool of applicants. Competition with large companies regarding branding, reputation, and salaries

Hiring new employees are difficult, but the old method of only looking at skills will get you a qualified candidate, but they may have no job satisfaction. You must first know "WHY" you are in business and then hire people that share that "WHY". This enables you to inspire them on a common belief (your WHY) and the satisfaction and desire to fulfill your purpose will breed trust and loyalty. Especially with Millennial's, they need to feel that they are working for a purpose, but you will have to keep that purpose alive, every day!