What's the best thing about running a business in your community?

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The quality of the people who live and work here. Hard working, friendly, and amazingly enough, a bunch of our customers and contacts are from just around the corner. Little bit of that small town feel in a rather large metropolis.
Hands down, it's the people for me! In my business, I have a lot of loyal, local customers who are much like family to me. We know all about each other's lives and share milestones. Then, I have my other clientele - guests staying at the hotel my restaurant is located in. Sometimes, these guests are just here for a night - a quick stopover en route to other destinations. Sometimes, they are here celebrating an event (like a wedding), so we get to share their happiest times with them. Sometimes, they are contractors staying for a week or two, so they become "temporary" regulars. I love the fact that my job is different every single day!
The Interaction with all kinds of people, from all walks of life, varying social levels and different life histories. This helps us to understand we are all different but all alike. If we engage with our customers, clients or families, we develop a sense of awe at what the’ve overcome, a compassion for their struggles and a hope that we can be a small part of their life victories.
The interaction with the people. Yes, there are those that have the ability to almost instantly drain your motivation and enthusiasm and joy for life. There is little I can do to help them with their frustration and general anger. The best I can hope for is to not join them and look at the world through 'half full' eyes.
The good news is I learn from everyone I meet. It's amazing how much knowledge and experience I encounter.
Running a business in Calgary has the following advantages:
1) Calgary is a great place to live and raise a family.
2) The services offered to the business community are the best in Canada
3) The businesses in Calgary are open to new ideas
4) The city of Calgary is in search of new ventures that diversify our industry base
5) Our new provincial government is looking for ways of expanding the province's base by making the investment opportunities appealing to investors

Williamsburg is a gateway town between the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires, and nestled between the upper and lower hilltown highlands region. The perfect spot for a locally owned business that fits the needs and values of members of its community, commuters, and regional tourists.

The center of town is a vibrant small town with sidewalks lined with beautiful blooming plants in the summertime. And in town, you'll find several businesses and community-building opportunities that any town would desire, including:

  • A top-notch library which hosts numerous free events to support learning and literacy.
  • A brewery where diners can enjoy al fresco dining paired and a fresh local brew.
  • An amazing bakery with freshly baked pastries, bread, pizza, sandwiches, and salads, plus live music in the evening and al fresco dining in the warmer months.
  • An outdoor summer concert series at their intimate Angel Park.
  • A co-working space to support entrepreneurs.
  • A permanent food truck serving from the grill with a popular ice cream stand and playground next door.
  • The best lobster roll around.
  • The Mill River Park.
  • A general store for gifts and 520彩票网 decor (plus penny candy and ice cream!).
  • Annual parades and festivals.
  • A local bank, school, post office, gas station, golfing, grange, lumberyard, antiques, pharmacy, senior center, public transportation, playgrounds, and much more.
  • The consideration of a future co-op as devoted community members discuss the conversion of the general store into a co-owned grocery store.
  • And, MUCH MORE! That's just what's going on in the downtown area!
We started out more or less as a community pediatric practice, but over the years word of mouth has helped to grow our patient base to a larger, more wide spread service area. We have siblings bringing in siblings who are looking for the type of medicine and expertise exhibited in our office. We have children who grew up in the practice coming back with children of their own. We are in a word a "heimish" office and community minded.
People in Dallas are from all over the country520彩票网 and from other countries. As a result, the Dallas area can support businesses that cater to many cultures and preferences. Also, the Dallas economy is quite strong, compared to other parts of the country520彩票网. Naturally, this assists the health of area businesses since there are more potential buyers.
Being able to touch the lives of my neighbors with healing and positive change.